Storm is born

„Storm“ is established in January 2019 by Mihail Bonev and Alexander Mladenov

Learn MoreJan 20, 2019

Demo recording

They started with recording some demos of their already written author material.

Mar 01, 2019

Nikolay joined the band

In April Nikolay Mihaylov joined them thus finalizing the present staff of Storm

Apr 10, 2019

The band grows

They pulled together quickly and by June the trio was prepared for their first live performances and accomplished their first studio recording - the song “Angel”.

Jun 01, 2019

First festival

Storm have quite a few club performances in Sofia, as well as in Kyustendil and Dupnitsa. In August they take part in the festival “Slivnitsa Rock Night” in Slivnitsa.

Learn MoreAug 20, 2019

Music distribution

In November the band released for distribution their fisrt single – “Angel”.

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More fans and popularity

In December Alexander’s song “Tear” was uploaded in the internet music platforms which received over 3300 plays in SoundCloud by the third week of its upload.

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Band competition

Storm has participated in Club Rock’n’Rolla’s “Next Rock Star” competition for rock bands, qualifying for the second stage

Learn MoreFeb 16, 2020


The band doesn’t stop its activity during the isolation period and the musicians keep on working individually separately at home.

Learn MoreMar 08, 2020

First official video

Storm surprised their fans with a new video in YouTube to the song “Angel”, including materials from previous performances of the band

Apr 18, 2020

Venue invitation for regular live performances

Storm was invited to play on a regular basis at one of the oldest rock-clubs in Sofia.

Jun 19, 2020

Second official release - Sulza

Storm is happy to promote officially it's second single released on June 26 2020 on most of the existing platforms - Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music, Napster and many more.

Learn MoreJun 24, 2020

Continuing of COVID retrictions

In the conditions of COVID-19 restrictions three more performances of the band were cancelled, among which – the International Moto Fest in Kyustendil, Slivnitsa Rock Night 2020 and the music festival in Ovcha Kupel in Sofia. Thus in the spring and summer of 2020 STORM has had only one live show – at “Three Ears” Club (Sofia)

Jul 01, 2020

Online platforms success

In July Storm topped the all-genres chart of ReverbNation for Sofia.

Jul 15, 2020

Spreading the music worldwide

Although the lack of live performances the band gained huge popularity worldwide thanks to the internet social and music platforms. Both singles of Storm reached totally over 10 000 streams in Spotify. Meanwhile Storm started working on three new tracks and their next – third release.

Sep 10, 2020

Storm reached totally 30 K streams and more than 200 followers in Spotify

Thanks to their friends and fans , Storm reached 30 K streams. Not a bad result with only two singles released. Moving ahead to the next one.

Nov 13, 2020

Increased interest and popularity in online platforms

The band reached 100 K streams on Spotify and have no patience to publish the next single.

Learn MoreApr 24, 2021

Here I am is born

Carefully and long time planned , the song is released finally. The sound quality is improved.

May 28, 2021